BAMBOO bicycles are ON SALE here!

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limited number of bamboo bikes ON SALE for $350.00. the reason for the sale is that they have a green frame with blue wheels and a blue saddle, and only 56cm bikes are available…if this is fine with you, you may want to jump on this sale.



                              ………are here at Light Street Cycles.



How do we know that bamboo can take the rigors of riding?

  • Higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel
  • Higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite
  • Smoothest ride available due to its natural vibration dampening properties.

What makes bamboo so sustainable?

  • Bamboo is clocked as the fastest growing plant on Earth.
  • Bamboo can be continuously re-harvested every 3 years, without causing damage to the plant system and surrounding environment.
  • During the time it takes to regenerate, the bamboo plant’s root system stays intact so erosion is prevented.
  • Continuous harvesting of this woody grass every 3-7 years, actually improves the overall health of the plant.
Light Street Cycles 1124 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230 | 410-685-2234
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