Employees past and present


Store Front
Past & Present LSC Staff
LSC - lisa & O's bike
penny and lsc LSC_MC
Eddie Builds a new Opus Bike Go O’s! Penny & Store Front Mike at Lake Montebello
LSC_MARS_mech LSC_lisafam LSC_teachingmech LSC_ebinmech
Marshall on repairs Lisa & Family And this, children, is how we bleed brakes Train ’em early.
LSC_torrence LSC - cory in cold
Past & Present…Torrence & Lisa Cory & friend, bike in winter
Customers & their bikes.
LSC _Sam's_new_bike - Copy LSC - British visitors to LSC lsc_ed
Suprise Bday Present. Used Bikes. Visitors from Great Britain. Ed & Jekyll racing DH
Bike Rentals & Bike Tours
LSC - bikes at Inner Harboe and tall ship LSC - cool fixie wheels LSC - Breezer Venturi
Sanjay Gupta and his Fuji Rental Bikers visit tall ships in Harbor Starry wheels Breezer Venturi steel is REAL
photo 3(2) LSC_miles  filming Hector Picard outside shop LSC_cross
 Baltimore teachers at Druid Hill Tri  crossing paths at Inner Harbor Hector Picard’s film crew. new Fuji Cross bike
 LCS_philippinos  LSC - rentals to Paerlstone Farm  LSC_biektour  LSC_VEEP
 Bikes going to the Philippines Pearlstone Farm Bike Rentals  Bike Tour at the Gwynns Falls Trail Bike Rentals to T.V. Show- VEEP
 LSC_cummings  Pete C at end of RftF  Artscape parking  LSC_RFTF2
 Saw Rep Cummings while on a Bike Tour  Pete finishes Ride for the Feast  Bike Parking at Artscape  Rental for Ride for the Feast
LSC_MTB_race LSC_cirque LSC_yourtraffic LSC_customersattdp
 Marshall racing at Fair Hill  Cirque Du Soleil rider – it’s him on the brochure! Wise Words. Tour dem Parks
LSC_MTBparty LSC_offtobikeparty LSC_nathansrally  LSC_ciclovia
 Shop mountain bike ride  Employees head to Bike Party  Nathan Krasnopoler’s support ride Roland Park Ciclovia
LSC_boysseagull LSC_Batman _bike LSC_bags LSC_artisticbike
Elliot and HS friends finished their 1st century ride  Customer’s Batman bike  Our rack/bag collection Custom-painted bike
LSC_tdpvinne LSC_e_seagull LSC_Charles LSC_BPcustomer
 Father – son riding at tour du Port  Elliot ready for Seagull Century Charles rides to Harper’s Ferry and back…just for kicks Always meet customers at Baltimore Bike Party
LSC_Tomsride LSC_tourdecity LSC_vikevid LSC_police
Memorial ride for Tom Palermo loaning bikes to Baltimore City College-Tour de City.. Bikes loaned to Digital Harbor for a bike video  We work on police bikes.
LSC_hector LSC_CRyer LSC_tagged LSC_hector2
 Riding with Hector. Bike2Work Day Tagged.  Riding w/ Hectar Picard
LSC_Patrick LSC_PARKingday LSC_xmas LSC_trailer
 Circus folk…bought a bike! PARK(ing) DAY Xmas wreath We rent trailers!
LSC_Halloweenrider LSC_pugsley LSC_Penny_Croatia LSC_pedicab
 Halloween bike customer  Our first snow bike sale! 2011 Building bikes in Croatia. Bike deliver BY bike!
LSC_reconditioned LSC_seagull2 LSC_larryciclovia LSC_pennyghoul
 Reconditioning for a wedding. At Seagull Century Friend Larry Black at Ciclovia. Haunting City Hall by bike.
LSC_lightrail LSC_Keith_RFTF  LSC_marla LSC_friride
 Checking out light rail by bike. Ride for the Feast customer Visit by Marla Streb & family Ride from City Hall
Kids bikes & balance bikes.